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Welcome to the Mariah Carey Collector's Club. The club is an international commuity that you can trade various Mariah releases from other countries.

I made this site because I've noticed that the site "The Collectors Club" established in 2002 is no longer being updated. and some of the collector's are no longer updating there sites.

This site consist of reliable traders. It's a great way to build your Mariah collection

Joining is simple

 Have a website of your collection with the following listed 

1. Items you are looking for

2. Extra items you are going to trade

3. Don't forget too have an e-mail so others can contact you.

Want to have your site listed E-mail me the following information 


1.  Your name

2. Your website address

3. The country your from



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Official Mariah Carey Site

Mariah Carey Facebook Page

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Visions Of A Fantasy (I just started this site)

Release Update 8/15/2014

Check out the releases section for links to online stores selling her new album

Release Update 10/30/2010

Check out the release section for full tracklisting and release dates for Merry Christmas II You

Release Update 9/01/2010

Check the release section for another update on her new Christmas Album

Mariah Arrived In Brazil Today 8/19/2010

Mariah landed at the Guarulhos International Airport in Sao Paulo today at around 11:45am local time, and excitedly announced her arrival on her Twitter page!

MariahCarey Ola !Just landed in Brazil!..writing lyrics in the car on the way to the hotel w/a few nice big lenses+cars cutting us off etc- to bed affap when I get to the hotel! Can't wait to see the fans @ the show after I get a morsel and some sleep! Love you Brazil!

Releases Update 8/19/2010

Check the releases section for an update on her new Christmas Album.